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Bonjour, Cass!

"By 1992 I discovered that I was in a ghetto as a lesbian novelist. My fifth novel Empathy was published. I got reviewed in “Entertainment Weekly” but still could not get one straight bookstore in New York City to let me read there except during Gay Pride Month. The best-selling books by lesbian writers had no lesbian content. When that was introduced, the books plummeted in the esteem of critics, book buyers, and the general public. My books were translated in eight languages. Straight people never heard of me. I went to my high school reunion. I could tell who was straight and who was gay because the gay people said, “Oh Sarah, you’ve been doing so much[,]” and the straight people said, “Oh Sarah, what have you been doing?”"

Sarah Schulman, My American History: Lesbian and Gay Life During the Reagan/Bush Years (xviii-xix)


haha this is awesome.

Darlene for the win

"John [Greyson] belongs to a category of gay and lesbian artist that I call “credible.” By this I mean that they have consistently produced artistically engaged work with authentic queer content AND that they treat other openly gay thinkers and artists with a recognition and respect denied them by the straight world. Given how many queer artists pander to mainstream approval by closeting, watering down, or coding their content—or who turn away from the community at the first sign of mainstream recognition—those who have regularly chosen truth over power are people I take very seriously. The professional price one pays for authentic LGBT subject matter is life changing. So when these individuals take a stand, I pay attention."

Sarah Schulman, Israel/Palestine and the Queer International (p. 24)

Thoroughly endorsing this standard for “credible” queer artists/writers

Holy shit


This is fabulous.


Bestselling writer Stephen King reading in the middle of a Red Sox baseball game. His team, the Red Sox, were losing, so he made the best of that time. The book he’s reading is Kate Atkinson’s book, When Will There Be Good News?

Stephen King performance art


Sailor Moon may have my heart, but Tina Belcher has my soul.

Grabbing buns by moonlight.
Writing friend-fiction by daylight. 

Oh it’s so precious


Twin Peaks (1990)

Twin Peaks forever

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Subverting gender on Roseanne obvs

"In the age of the Internet, of fifteen-minute fame and above all such local fame (“I’m famous to the fifteen people who read my blog”), in a time when cultural space is so segmented and time so speeded up, does it still make sense to worry over how to construct a lasting reputation? Will any reputations last?"

p. 22, City Boy: My Life In New York During the 1960s and ’70s by Edmund White


How I have been dealing with the sorrows of cancelation.

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